Women's Adventure Film Tour


Celebrating adventurous women...

Cradle Mountain Film Festival and Cradle Mountain Canyons are the Tasmanian hosts for the Women's Adventure Film Tour, an Aussie concept which tours five countries with 29+ shows across Australia.

In 2018, Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Wynyard audiences were treated to 2.5 hours of inspirational short films to Tasmania with over half the content featuring Aussie and Kiwi women in the outdoors.

You will see films featuring mountaineering, plenty of great skiing and snowboarding, rock climbing, trials riding, paragliding, sky camping and swimming. You'll travel from Greenland to Nepal, the Blue Mountains to Iran, New Zealand and the Scottish coast...all from the comfort of your seat at the Cradle Mountain Hotel!

Grab your tickets, muster your mates and settle in for the ride. Follow us on socials for info on the 2020 program and screenings!